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Token, Crypto, STOs: Mini or Full.

  • What is a token?

    In general, a token could be a currency (also called Coin - as Bitcoin) or a tokenized asset. In the case of ...

    Jul 24, 2019 03:37PM CDT
  • What is Crypto?

    Short for cryptography. Cryptography is a method of protecting information and communications through th...

    May 07, 2019 02:14PM CDT
  • Why in crypto(graphy) good?

    Modern cryptography concerns itself with the following four objectives: Confidentiality: the information ...

    May 07, 2019 02:22PM CDT
  • What are the benefits of blockchain?

    The basic advantages of blockchain technology are decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency. ...

    May 07, 2019 02:23PM CDT
  • STOs Definitions

    STO stands for “security token offering” and is when a company issues securities for sale to investors in the ...

    May 07, 2019 02:24PM CDT
  • Mini-STO or STO? Which one should I choose?

    It depends on your situation. If a max total raise of one million USD is enough for your company to reach...

    May 07, 2019 02:25PM CDT

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